Diapers Worldwide Premier manufacturer in the Dominican Republic.

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Diapers Worldwide specializes in manufacturing high quality disposable baby diapers by using the latest technology which enables us to compete in the World market and meet consumer existing and future requirements as well the highest standards in the industry.

We offer many diaper packing alternatives, such as private labels and generic. We are Worldwide distributors and our representatives are highly qualified.

We are a Worldwide distributors and our representatives are highly qualified.


The Factory

Excellence and Affordability is our motto, therefore our premises maintains its own testing facilities and our Lab Technicians perform tests on regular basis to ensure that our baby diapers meet the highest worldwide standards required; super absorbency and leakage prevention for the ultimate comfort.
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Brands Produced

We manufacture and distribute a growing line of high quality diaper brand names internationally.
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Quality Control

A quality control system for a good diaper manufacturer requires at least five levels of operations in order to achieve proper administration of total quality. Each system must operate in a closed loop with constant feedback to the production area, in combination with a continuous improvement program with set goals:
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1. What are the components of a typical disposable diaper?

2. How can I test the performance of a diaper?

3. Can you explain the manufacturing process of a disposable diaper?

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Contact Us

Tel: 1+(829)-470-4598


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Check out our distributors in North America and Dominican Republic.
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Join Us

Our company offers distributor opportunities with exclusivity in certain regions globally.
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